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Who Else Wants to Learn 5 Simple Skills that Sales Pros Use to Pay Themselves $250K, 500K, even a $1M or More Every Year?


“You gave the best presentation…”

… is actually one of the worst things that a prospect can tell you when
you are in a competitive sale.

Because if the best thing that the prospect tells you is that your presentation
was “the best”, then what didn’t he tell you? What wouldn’t he tell you? What
was he afraid to tell you?

You are losing

Prospects lie to us all of the time. Sales people generally have the reputation
of being dishonest and willing to say anything true or untrue to get a deal.
Frankly, I think that most salespeople are honest and want to sell the right

A wise friend of mine said to me many years ago:

“More lying comes from the other side of the table than
comes from ours.”

Prospects always want something for nothing

They want proposals.

They want demos.

They want 5 references…

in their industry,

with the same number of employees,

serving the same customers as they do.

But when you ask how they will make their decision…

“Show us your demo, and we’ll let you know what we think”

… all you get are vague non-answers.

Show-up and throw-up no longer works

Walking into your prospect’s office and telling him all of the reasons why
he should buy your product doesn’t work. Prospects hate it, and they bad-mouth
you for it saying you talked too much. Yet, when you show up at their office
they still ask you to do it!

Corporate selling is different. You have a limited number of prospects that
you can sell to in your territory. Screw up a few times and there goes your
year – or maybe even your job.

Sales management just makes it worse

Sales managers forget what it is like to be a sales rep. The good ones will
mentor you on how to become a great sales person. Unfortunately, the good
ones are rare. Too often we hear the same old “sales motivation”:

“What are you doing in the office? You should be out making sales calls!”

“More face-time – that’s what you need to make more sales.”

“Get out on the street and pound the pavement.”

Unfortunately, their answer is almost always the same: If you want to sell
more, you have to sell more.

Well this is both true and a lie.

Yes you can make more sales calls, and you may close more deals by doing

Or you may not.

If making more and more and more sales calls was the answer, then wouldn’t
you already be recognized as the top sales person in your company?

Business has changed

Corporations are cutting budgets and laying people off every day, in every
industry, all over the world. While sales has never been “easy”, it has now
become really hard. You have to talk to the right person, say the right thing,
and ask the right questions – at just the right time – or you’re dead.

Prospects can’t help themselves

Buying attitudes are deeply ingrained. Most people buy thousands of things
in a lifetime, but never sell anything. So everyone knows how to buy. And
we expect salespeople to serve us.

Years of socially conditioned buying habits causes both prospects AND sales
people to unknowingly follow the same rule. And that rule is that the prospect
is in control.

The problem for sales professionals though is that we are not retail sales
clerks. We don’t have hours and hours of time sitting around our store to
show people all of the features of our product and then say “have a nice day”.

It doesn’t have to be like this

You can’t afford to waste time with prospects who want free education, who
want to be shown your product’s capabilities without giving you access to
the decision-maker, who want references to call even though they haven’t made
a commitment to buy from you.

“I can now cut the crap and get down to business”

I did not believe that your program would really help me but within
one week things were different.
My view of all prospects was altered
forever. I now understand just how much their PAIN is important and
how much they really NEED the saving we offer. I can now (pardon
my expression) cut the crap and get down to business.

Selling at a corporate level can be completely different. Without
your program I would never have had the understanding that I do to succeed
in this business.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and success.

Angel Hill

Contract Energy Sales


Change Your Attitude and Change Your Techniques

Becoming a mid-six-figure sales rep is not as hard as you might think.

You will need to change some of your attitudes about buying and selling and
learn a few new techniques.

  1. You need to be able to use questions to stir up buying emotions.
  2. You need to be able to bond with anyone – no matter how different they
  3. You need a strategy to maximize your selling time on the winnable deals.
  4. You need to be comfortable securing commitments early and often.
  5. You need to be able to get prospects to pursue you and reveal their budgets.

The bottom line is that you have to be able to close a high percentage of
the deals you work on AND you have to spend your time working on only the
best deals if you want to make the most money as a commissioned sales rep.

I recently ran a series of five salesclasses by teleconference designed to
help you rapidly acquire these new sales skills and shift your attitude. These
five salesclasses are available to you right now on CD & MP3s as
the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

“Gave me a brand new perspective on my profession and helped my sales enormously.”

I checked out the Sandler System and Brian Tracy’s set
from our sales department. I gathered good information from them for
the most part but that smarmy sales thing was still an element
of both methods.
I had listened to sales tapes in the past
and they all seemed to contain that icky, but what was beginning
to seem almost necessary, line of manipulative junk.

It just made me cringe and I had never heard a sales tape or CD that
did not have that ingredient. Not until my boss, sent out an email
recommending I listen to you. Your approach sounded so fresh
and bullshit free that I really couldn’t wait to get your material.

It not only did not have one single speck of that creepy
slick element
it gave me a brand new perspective on my profession.
I started seeing that what I was providing was valuable and
in some instances necessary
for my merchants.

So, now I am approaching things from a less needy frame of mind and
it has helped my sales enormously. I am your biggest fan!

Patty Driscoll
Omaha, Nebraska

Senior Sales Consultant, First National Merchant Solutions

Here is an overview of what you will learn in the Persuasive Selling
Skills Audio Program

Propel Your Sales Forward Faster by Learning How to Uncover and Leverage Your Prospect’s Personal Emotions, Wants and Desires

Persuasive Questioning Techniques Audio CD
Ø Learn the four-question-model that gives you the
power to direct your prospect’s attention and stir their emotions.

This model will bring focus and structure to what is probably hit
and miss questioning for you today. Learn this, and you will be
able to either create an emotionally motivated prospect or qualify
the deal as no-win every time.
Ø Discover the one questioning technique that keeps
the you in control of the sales call.
You will always know that
you are moving towards a close, or that you need to change tactics
or walk from the deal.
Ø How to greatly reduce or even eliminate the pressure
you feel to perform on a sales call.
You’ll be amazed at the
power of this simple attitude change. You will want to cry for not
having discovered this sooner.
Ø How to get prospects to solve their objection themselves.
This may sound impossible, but it really is not. Handling objections
is old-school, stressful, and hard work. The only person who can
overcome an objection is the prospect.
Ø Learn the simple principles underlying why people
buy or don’t buy.
When you know how people are motivated, you
will know how and whether you can motivate your prospect to buy
from you.

“Since using your techniques, I have been a much more productive sales rep in terms of sales closed while maintaining more control over my calls, thus effectively reducing my stress level.”

I had been trying to imitate the way our top sales reps talk
to our potential clients
, and I discovered their methods
mirror your concepts.

Our product is high tech software which can be tricky to
explain to potential clients. Customers include small entrepreneurs
along with Fortune 1000 companies,
so we get a variety of
inquiries daily ranging from “What is it?” to “I’m
ready to buy, send me the contract!”.

Suzanne Montgomery
Toledo, Ohio

Software Sales Account Executive


Increase Both the Number of People You Can Sell to and Your Chances of Persuading Them by Learning How to Get Rapport Fast With a Wider Range of People

Seductive Rapport Skills Audio CD
Ø How to use sensory language to influence the thoughts
and emotions of others.
Learn how to decode what someone else
is feeling and how they are thinking. Be able to communicate with
them in a manner that causes them to like you naturally.
Ø Learn how to recognize when you have deep rapport.
You will be able judge whether what you are doing is working
or not as you are doing it. This monitoring ability will help you
to be in rapport more of the time with more of your prospects.
Ø Why getting rapport is not enough. Unless you
know how to recognize true rapport, and how to lead your prospect
beyond this, you could find yourself agreeing with why your customer
shouldn’t buy from you. Sometimes this is OK, but other times you
are just buying into their objections.

Spend More Time Selling and Closing Highly Qualified Prospects By Learning How to Profile and Identify the Customers That are Most Likely to Buy From You

Strategic Customer Profiling Audio CD
Ø Sell more with the same effort. Change your
focus to selling only to the prospects that you can win. Learn how
to recognize loser deals that you should walk from early.
Ø Learn a simple tool and the strategies for deciding
whether and how to compete in competitive deals.
I’ll go through
how to use this tool step-by-step so that you can set one up for
yourself right away.
Ø Why prediction of your competition’s strategy and
tactics can inflict serious damage that they may never know you
Ø WARNING: Not knowing what sales strategy you
are competing with can cost you the deal. Most sales reps only know
one basic sales strategy to use – I give you 4 to choose from.

“I took my current prospecting criteria and revamped it. I could see the results immediately.”


When I listened to “Strategic Customer Profiling”, it had so many
ideas that I could use for my prospecting.
I really liked that Shamus
used a real life situation and interspersed it with tips and ideas on
how to improve the situation.

After listening, I took my current prospecting criteria and revamped
it. I could see the results immediately.
I am more confident, positive,
and passionate about my job. I now know when I am talking to the right
people and companies.

Sunnyvale, California

Software Sales Professional

Stop Prospects from Wasting Your Time with Requests for Free Demos, Free Proposals, and Free Consulting by Learning How Get Commitments for Your Efforts

Get Commitments First Audio CD
Ø Learn how to close upwards of 90% of your deals.
You’ll feel great about yourself, you’ll have more money in
your pocket, and you’ll walk away with confidence from the unwinnable
Ø How to avoid discounting. Price discounting
can be eliminated entirely or reduced to a nominal level (you may
choose to offer discounts to experienced buyers that need the ego
win). If you do discount, it will be your decision.
Ø Why closing first prevents you from damaging your
hard-earned rapport and credibility in the final stages of the sale.
Traditional closing techniques attempt to pressure, manipulate,
and cajole a prospect into making a favorable decision.

“My closing ratio is over 90%.”

You have really helped my confidence with clients. My closing
ratio is over 90%. It has skyrocketed since I learned your techniques.

There is no more wasting of time. Now I only work with clients
who have money and time.

Daniel Waldschmidt
Woodbridge, Virginia

HVAC Sales Professional

Get Your Prospects to Want to Be Sold by Learning How to Reverse the Sale and Get Your Prospects to Trust Your Advice

Pressure Free Selling Audio CD
Ø How to get prospects to sell themselves. The
easiest sales are the ones where the prospect has already sold herself
on why she must buy your product. There is a technique for helping
the prospect get to this point when it hasn’t naturally occurred
prior to your meeting.
Ø Discover the single most powerful technique in
Closing sales is easier and more fun when you master
this technique. You will recognize this technique from common dating
habits and you will wonder why you never applied it to your selling.
Ø Learn how to get prospects to reveal their budgets.
When you know how to get prospects to show you their budget, you
will know up front if they are worth your valuable selling time.

It’s Like Attending a Sales Seminar From Your Desk or Car

With nearly 6 hours of recorded salesclasses, listening to the Persuasive
Selling Skills Audio Program
is like taking an all-day sales seminar on
sales persuasion.

  • Listen To These Salesclasses Right Now. Download these courses right
    now from your  with our convenient MP3 recordings which are
    included as part of the package.
  • Turn unproductive commuting time into your own sales workshop.
    Listen and learn while commuting to the office or appointments with the
    CDs. Play the CDs while running outside, riding your exercise bike, or climbing
    your stair-master at the gym.
  • Listen to real role-playing and sales deal discussions for examples
    of how to put techniques into action.
    Each class had extensive participation
    by the sales people on the call. You get the benefit of hearing how the
    techniques applied to real situations.
  • Optional skill exercises to turn the ideas into techniques and habits
    that you use daily to sell more with less effort.
  • Detailed class notes for each salesclass. You’ll have a guide to
    follow along the important points of each class. You will learn more the
    first time you listen without having to take every note yourself.
  • Repeat specific ideas, questioning techniques, or conversational phrases.
    Each CD has convenient track markers so you can use your CD player’s
    Forward and Back buttons to easily replay segments of each class.

Here’s What’s Included This Unique Audio Program

This in-depth audio program gives you a multitude of powerful advantages.
You get everything I’ve covered above, plus more in the Persuasive Selling
Skills Audio Program

The Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Salesclasses

  1. Persuasive Questioning Techniques Salesclass – 75 mins – 16 CD Tracks.
  2. Seductive Rapport Skills Salesclass – 76 mins – 13 CD Tracks.
  3. Strategic Customer Profiling Salesclass – 72 mins – 14 CD Tracks.
  4. Get Commitments First Salesclass – 63 mins – 8 CD Tracks.
  5. Pressure Free Selling Salesclass – 62 mins – 8 CD Tracks.


The Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program includes:

  • Nearly 6 hours (348 minutes) of salesclasses on 5 full-length CDs:
  • Downloadable MP3 Versions of Each Complete Audio Class
  • 13 Skill building exercises.
  • 30 Pages of class notes.
  • 115 Sensory Language Predicates Phrases on one handy sheet.
  • Example language phrasing for the questioning and other techniques.

It’s Easy To Get All Of This

Getting all of this couldn’t be easier. The cost of the Persuasive Selling
Skills Audio Program
is just $297.00.

Click to Order
the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program Right Now…

With the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program,
you can listen to these salesclasses anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
You get immediate access to the downloadable MP3 audio recordings so you
can begin listening to your first salesclass just minutes from now (while
we ship your CDs to you). And you’ll get all of the course notes and exercises in PDF form. 

NOTE: All Sales are Final.
There are no Refunds or Guarantees.

If you don’t think you can make back the price of program, don’t buy it.

I will however happily replace damaged or defective materials at no cost.


I Know What You Are Thinking…

“Isn’t this just the same old sales trainer stuff being
rehashed again?”

In a word… NO.

In fact one of my new customers, Kevin Korody, emailed me just before purchasing
his Persuasive Selling Skills CDs to ask this very question:

“I assume your course is different than the usual Brian
Tracy/Tom Hopkins stuff? I took a Brian Tracy seminar a couple of
years ago, and while it was ok, I think that a lot of the techniques are
things that most prospects have heard before.
They already know
you’re trying to “sell” them and can often get turned off
if you’re using techniques they’ve heard 100 times before.”

1 week later, I received another email from Kevin, 4 days after
he received his Persuasive Selling Skills CDs in the mail:

“I wish I had saved
the money I had spent awhile back on a
Brian Tracy workshop
and ordered your CDs instead!”

Hi Shamus,

I received the CDs. All I can say is wow! I wish I
saved the money I had spent awhile back on a Brian
Tracy workshop and ordered your CDs instead!

Kevin Korody
Sales Recruiter
National Services Medical Staffing
Chicago, Illinois


The ideas you are about to learn in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio
Program are different. And they will change the way you sell.

What’s Really Important

Even though the price is extremely reasonable (less than the cost of dinner
out for two at a posh restaurant in a major city), here’s what’s really important.
If this audio program was just another bunch of pump you up motivational feel
good stories, then it wouldn’t be worth my cost to ship it to you.

But if you can increase your closing ratio, close more deals, and keep you
self-respect while you sell, what’s that actually worth to you?

I can’t put an exact dollar figure on that for you – only you can. I can
say this though: at $297.00 for the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program,
this could very well be the best deal and the best investment you’ll make in your sales career.

Get The Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program

To get going and on developing the skills and attitude that will increase
your sales, here are two easy ways to order:

1. Click the link below now to order with our secure server:

Click to Order
Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program

2. Or call my 24 hour secure order line in California direct
from anywhere in the world:

Phone Orders: (619) 573-6971

So get started
right now on maximizing your sales
while the other guys are still trying
to figure out how to work a 20-hour sales day.



Chief EGO Officer

Industrial EGO Sales

P.S. Less than 10 minutes from now you can be learning the skills that put
you in control to close more sales and have a blast doing it. Click below
and order now.

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Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program

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